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 Our claim to have the best real ale in Enderby is due to the care taken from delivery of the casks by the dray man through to it being presented to the customer in prime condition. This is all under the expert control of Nick, our cellar man.

The cellar is kept at a constant 54°F, the optimum temperature for real ale.


The newly arrived casks are laid on the automatically tilting stillages and left for at least a day to allow the yeast and fining to settle on the bottom, below the level of the tap point.  The conditioning process is now started by soft pegging the cask to reduce the level of carbon dioxide and allow the beer to 'work' through the peg.

At the appropriate time, after about two days, the cask is hard pegged to build up the required level of carbonation.  It is at this point that the barrel is tapped.  After a further four days or so, the beer is ready to drink.  The hard peg is slightly released to allow air to enter when the beer is being drawn off.

The Dray Man delivers the beer, lager & Guinness through this door accessed from the patio

The real ales on the automatically tilting stillages.  To the left is the chiller for the cask conditioned products.  Notice that the pipes from the real ales do not go through this chiller

The buckets in place for the pipes to be cleaned - a Saturday morning ritual

The delivery system for the cask conditioned beers lagers and Guinness

The hand pumps on the bar draw the beer from the casks and deliver it into the glass through a sparkler, which puts the head on the beer.  Some parts of the country do not use a sparkler preferring a pint without a head.

There is a length of plastic pipe between the cask and the hand pump, which must be cleaned with a cleaning agent regularly.  Nick cleans our pipes once a week, religiously.  Dirty pipes allow the build up of bacteria which impart a bad taste into the beer.

It is this care and attention which produces the best pint in the village.

Now you have seen how we justify our claim to have the best real ale in the village.  So come along, try a pint or two, and put us to the test.  

Incidentally, we now serve real cider on draught too, so you can also give that a try.