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4 x 9gl Midnight Rider                                         4.4%                  

Brewed using 4 different malts and 2 hop varieties, this beer is very dark ruby red in colour and has an aroma of fresh coffee and malt loaf. It has a fruity, malty, dark chocolate flavour with a fruity sweet aftertaste and a lingering bitterness.

1 x 9gl Bargee                                                                          3.8%                   

Bargee is a full flavoured pale amber coloured bitter brewed with three different malts and English hops. An ideal session bitter.

Sharps Brewery (Cornwall)                      

56 x 9gl Doombar                  4.0%                

"The aroma of Doom Bar is an accomplished balance of spicy resinous hop, inviting sweet malt and delicate roasted notes. The mouth feel is a perfectly balance and complex blend of succulent dried fruit, lightly roasted malty notes and a subtle yet assertive bitterness. The bitterness remains into the finish with dry fruity notes which implore the drinker to go back for more."

Ossett Brewery                                                                                                                 

1 x 9gl Silver King                                                                 4.3%                   

This lager-style beer has a crisp, dry flavour and a fruity, citrus aroma. 

Greene King Brewery (Suffolk)                                                                                      

9 x 9gl Abbot Ale                                                                   5.0%                    

Dark copper in colour, this beer is full bodied with a very distinctive beer with a bitter sweet aftertaste.

2 X 9gl Old Speckled Hen                                                     4.5%                   

This full flavoured, smooth, strong ale has a good sweetness / bitterness balance and a rich fruity particularly on the nose. Dryish finish and very pleasant.

4 x 9gl I.P.A                                                                            3.6%                    

Easy drinking amber coloured session bitter. Bitterness predominates throughout, leading to a somewhat astringent finish. Sweetness and hoppiness can be variable depending on age.

Acorn Brewery                                                                                                                                           

5 x 9gl Barnsley Gold                                                           4.1%                 

This award winning golden beer has good bitterness levels, with a fresh citrus and hop aroma.  A hoppy flavour throughout with a well hopped clean, dry finish.

1 x 9gl Old Moor Porter                                                        4.4%                  

A full bodied victorian style porter with hints of liquorice. The initial bitterness gives way to a smooth, mellow finish.

4 x 9gl Bullseye                                                                     4.5%                 

A rich, red coloured bitter, brewed with dark Crystal Malt and Slovenian Goldings Hops.

2 x 9gl Amber                                                                        4.5%                 

Rich, amber coloured ale.  Sweet biscuity malt flavours combine with a robust bitterness and an intense American hop aroma.

5 x 9gl Junga IPA                                                                    5%                  

3 x 9gl Barnsley Bitter                                                          3.8%                 

The award winning Barnsley Bitter is brewed using the finest quality Maris Otter malt and English hops. Chestnut in colour, having a well rounded, rich flavour.

Blacksheep Brewery             

15 x 9gl Black Sheep                  3.8%

Black Sheep Ale is a full flavoured, premium bitter with a rich fruity aroma. Plenty of choice Golding hops give it a roast coffee maltiness followed by Black Sheep’s characteristic refreshingly dry and bitter finish.

Oakham Brewery (Cambridgeshire)                                                   16 x 9gl Bishops Farewell    4.6%   

A strong premium beer of structured quality dominated by elaborate fruity hop notes, with a grainy background and dry finish.

2 x 9gl Scarlet Macaw                                                          4.4%                    

Tart gooseberry and soft peach on the nose. Gooseberries and fruit to taste, before an intense bitterness that’s as sharp as a macaw’s screech!

17 x 9gl Inferno      4.0%  

This light igniting ale flickers complex fruits across your tongue leaving a dry fruity bitter finish smothering your thirst.

2 x 9gl Preacher                                                                    4.3%                    

A rich, full bodied chestnut coloured beer with a smooth delicate bitterness. Plenty of sweet malty flavours with a divine, powerful fruity hop flavour and a heavenly aroma.

4 x 9gl Citra                                                                           4.2%                    

A light refreshing beer with pungent grapefruit, lychee and gooseberry aromas leading to a dry, bitter finish.

2 x 9gl J.H.B                                                                          3.8%                   

A golden beer whose aroma is dominated by hops that give characteristic citrus notes. Hops and fruit on the palate are balanced by malt and a bitter base. Dry hoppy finish with soft fruit flavours.

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